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Studium Generale

a project to preserve academic integrity

studium generale
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The studium generale was one of the ancestors of the modern university.

In these days, as academia is being forced to bow more and more to the whims of industry, enterprise, and the lure of money, it is perhaps time for academics who wish to retain some control over their freedoms to research and to publish, or who feel somehow dirtied by the focus on industry, to regroup and to consider the re-formation of something akin to those earlier institutions.

This will not be an easy row to hoe; it is not for the faint-hearted. At the very least, funding for such an institution is likely to be hard to come by. In these days of bureaucracy and paperwork, `accreditation' of courses is generally required before students are likely to take much interest. It will be difficult for the studium generale to achieve this, for various reasons.

I believe, however, that the time has come where such a move is required. If you are an academic, or if you might be interested in helping to fund such a project, or if you might wish to study at a rather different sort of higher education institution, please do join the community. If I can get a critical mass of people interested and involved in this project, it need not remain a mere pipe-dream!